Best Apps for Wahoo Kickr Indoor Cycling Device

Wahoo Kickr is a sophisticated indoor cycling machine with an attractive design, but what happens if it’s not accompanied by the best apps for Wahoo Kickr? Many people think indoor cycling is less exciting compared to the real cycling. With cycling, you can also refresh the brain with beautiful scenery and fresh air. But now, there are various kinds of applications that help the existence of indoor cycling and popularize it.

1. Velo
In the first list of the best apps for Wahoo Kickr, there is Velo with advanced and interesting features. One of excellent features is the ability to real-racing with friends in the app. Velo uses internet access to connect between one cyclist and another. With this feature, you can hold an unofficial race to determine who has the most distance taken in certain amount of time. In addition, Velo can also be connected to your health record application, so you don’t need to bother doing manual logging.

2. Zwift
The second option of the best apps for wahoo Kickr is Zwift that has successfully changed the face of indoor cycling to be more modern and exciting. Zwift relies on internet access and GPS to create 3D globe that represents the real world. Then, you can exchange user information and chat to share tips on indoor cycling. The developers said Zwift is the combination between conventional indoor cycling applications and social media.

3. Kinomap Trainer
Do you often get bored when exercising using indoor cycle? Now, you don’t need to be bored anymore, because with Kinomap Trainer, you can exercise while watching video exercises you like. Moreover, it also has 3D map that’s useful for tracking your progress while using indoor cycle. In this app, there is multiplayer feature where you will connect with others to complete one training video together.

4. TrainerRoad
To maximize this activity, you need Wahoo Kickr app android called TrainerRoad. Basically, TrainerRoad is an all-rounder in terms of indoor cycling. All features are available, from tracking systems to companion features. TrainerRoad is able to record your sports data and creating a training regime. For Companion Feature, it has a variety of profile trainers who can help you exercise indoor cycling to the fullest.

Well, now you no longer need to feel bored or ashamed to exercise with indoor cycling Wahoo Kickr. The best apps for wahoo Kickr can change that simple activity into a lot more fun.