The Best Shogi App for Android Users

The best shogi app is what you need to enjoy Japanese chess on gadget. As long as your phone is Android-based, the next list will show the top Shogi apps. In general, playing Shogi is different from regular chess. Japanese Chess has specific rules that need to be followed in order to win the game. As you know, it is board game that existed since 15th century. Today, modern Shogi is a little bit less complicated, but still requires basic understanding. With mobile app, you can enjoy learning and playing it anytime.

1. Shogi Free
Shogi Free is popular app for this genre. Developer gives many features, such as level, online mode, and others. At first, you need to install it directly from Playstore. You will find the options as beginner if you do not have clue about shogi. Do not worry about that matter because there is tutorial and instruction, including the vast strategy to learn. After you are quite good, take challenge to invite or participate in online mode. Then, you can play with other players around the world.


2. Shogi wars
Basic Shogi appearance looks like chess with board and its set. However, you may consider Shogi Wars as the best Shogi app. One reason to choose it is the attractive graphic as similar to battle between players and their opponent. It also has feature to play by time limit. You need to finish it before the time is running out and losing the session. Guidelines and instruction will help players for the strategy.


3. Dr. Shogi

‘Shogi’ means general in Japanese language. The main objective is to capture enemy general and defend home territorial. Another good app for playing Shogi is Dr. Shogi. If you just want a simple and light app, this is what you should choose. It takes less memory, but contains enough Shogi set.


4. Kanazawa Shogi Lite
Kanazawa Shogi Lite is one of the best apps for Shogi games. It has 50 levels from beginner the the top expert. You can play it offline without internet connection. Win the medal by beating computer and other players around the world. Do not worry if you cannot understand Japan letter and language as tame is also available in English.

Well, you can have the apps with impressive and attractive graphic, features, and many levels. On the other side, there is the best Shogi app that’s simple but enjoyable and less memory consumption.