Best Keepass App for iPhone and the Features Offered

You can have the best keepass app for iPhone as the password protection. Before exploring more about it, you should understand what keepass and how it works. In simple term, this is software that’s available for computer in order to keep and manage its passwords. For smartphone or mobile device, there is unofficial version app with similar capability. Here are the choices for you.

1. Icloud Keychain
Apple developed system to manage password on Safari browser. Then, it’s expanded into iOS for iPhone and iPad. You can install it via Apple Store, but normally it has been in the system. This app is capable to store several passwords in single place. You just remember one password to open the restricted file. This app is integrated with iCloud as well. iPhone users may open the app in different device as long as they remember the key access.

2. Minikeepass
Keepass is open source to support mobile app developers in creating their own version for smartphone. One of top choices is Minikeepass with synchronization feature to keepass 1 and 2. It is capable to create, export, and edit the database in order to gain access from another device. You can use cloud feature to store files in Dropbox.

3. Dashlane
The simple interface and easy access are what you get from this best keepass app for iPhone. Dashlane has ability to store, manage, and create the system for password file. Moreover, you can have additional support to get access from cloud. If unauthorized breach is detected, you will know it immediately. Another feature is password generator to obtain unique and strong password.

4. Password Boss
Managing password is one of this app’s capabilities to stay secured from unwanted breach. Besides, the application will create unique password for accessing the website then it’s synchronized into other devices.

5. Msecure
The alternative to keepass for iPhone is Msecure. The basic feature is similar to the password management and protection apps. You can keep passwords and stay secure in any devices. Developer also gives app capability to recognize Touch ID, Apple Watch, and Face ID. You can use the recent iOS version to synchronize it.

Each app above has the similarity and difference. As long as iPhone and all passwords are secured, there is no problem for choosing one of them. Therefore, the best keepass app for iPhone will reduce the time when you need password in urgent time.