Food Recipe Intolerance Diary App for You Who Have Food Allergy

You must never think before that there is a food recipe intolerance diary app. As you know, people who have allergy are suggested to avoid food that trigger the allergy. Therefore, it is best to see a doctor first if you indicate yourself to have an allergy. In fact, you will not find one app only in the internet. It is highly recommended to know what foods you cannot eat. As you might know, a small bite of foods can cause severe itching. In order to help you avoiding the allergy, here are the apps which are specially created for that matter according to Tourne Cooking site.

1. Wizdy Diner
The app is available in both iOS and Android, and it is free to download. This is a fun game that you will like definitely. It teaches you related to the food allergy. The characters in this app are Wizdy and Aliens. Wizdy must help the Aliens to eat and also avoid foods the Aliens cannot eat. It needs a good memory to get the correct answer.


2. Allergy Reality
The allergy reality app educates people related to the food allergies. An interactive way is brought to this app, so adults and also children can enjoy using this app. Well, it is made by two mothers who have children that suffer from allergy.


3. Yummly
This app provides people to helpful videos, recipe recommendations and also handy tools. The information that will be given to you is based on the foods you can eat. It is able to branch out the food using this app.


4. ShopWell
The next option for food recipe intolerance diary app is Shop Well. It enables you to eat healthier and smarter. This app is like other social media that needs you to create a profile. Using this app means you have already known what food that make you allergy. In fact, it is easy to use since you only need to mention what food you have to avoid. In no time, it will give information regarding the food you are buying in the supermarket.

Well, those four apps are only few names that can be mentioned to you. Actually, there is still a long list of the choices if you are willing to look up on the internet. That’s all that can be shared here. Hope you can use food recipe intolerance diary app wisely to help your life.