Top 3 Best Stylus for Procreate App

For you who have used the touchscreen for long time, the operation through fingers sometimes feels less accurate, so you need the best stylus for procreate app. The stylus has various uses, such as drawing, accessing small touch points, etc. However, because of its simple form with easy manufacturing process, many companies finally make various types of stylus with their respective uses. Here is list of the best stylus for your everyday uses, check it out!

1. Apple Pencil
Even though it is late to release, good quality and material make apple pencil one of the best stylus for procreate app. Just like most apple devices, Pencil only works for apple devices, and even only for 6th generation iPad which has a screen area above 9.7 inches. The tip of apple pencil is very thin, allowing you to produce sharp and detailed lines. With the processor onboard, the pencil can do its own thinking, and become the fastest stylus in terms of response time and accuracy. The only drawback is the charging cap that’s easily lost. You might need a spare charging part.


2. Adonit Mark
From the independent sector, Adonit is the best stylus manufacturer in its class. This brand is widely known by artists who like to draw on tablets or drawing pad. One thing that stands out from Adonit Mark is its ergonomic design that adopts a conventional pencil design with a three-point shape. You won’t even realize that you are using a stylus instead of just a mere pencil. Another advantage is its affordable price with compatibility for all devices. Unfortunately, many people assume that it lacks good accuracy. However, if you need the best stylus for procreate app, then this one is for you.


3. Nomad Flex
If you crave a stylus with unique shape, Flex Nomad is your thing. With the tip shaped brush, Nomad Flex is the best stylus for drawing. The feather brush itself consists of hundreds of synthetic strands with soft yet precise ends. Therefore, the brush will be able to produce a perfect output. In addition, Nomad Flex comes with protective case, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the ends of brush.

Those are the choices that might help your drawing activities. All you need to realize is that equipment is not everything; the skill is the main one. However, to hone your drawing skills, you need the best stylus for procreate app.