Top 3 of the Best Stylus for Notability App

A few years back, it is rarely found the best stylus for notability app that works independently. Most styluses that can be used for note-taking usually come bundled with certain handhelds. Therefore, here are the secret gems of stylus for note-taking.

1. Bamboo Fineline 2
Working using Bluetooth, Bamboo Fineline 2 is able to produce stable and fast connectivity. With a stylus tip of just 1.9mm makes Bamboo Fineline 2 tends to be more precise in producing strong scratches. In addition, this best stylus for notability app also has a pressure sensitivity setting, so you can get various types of scratches based on how strongly you press the stylus. This technology is adapted from Apple’s 3D touch. Therefore, you can feel a different note-taking and doodling sensation than usual. Bamboo Fineline 2 comes with a protective cap, so the tip of pencil will not be easily damaged.


2. Pogo Connect 2
There are two things that make Pogo Connect 2 special. The first is palm rejection feature, where you can easily lean your palm over the surface of screen while typing. The second is this stylus is powered by AAA battery, so you can bring the charging cable wherever you go. The palm rejection feature feels very special, because a lot of stylus requires you to lift palms so as not to damage the notes that have been made. In addition, Pogo connect 2 also has soft pointy rubber that can produce thick and strong lines. Since the material is made of rubber, you can use this best stylus for note-taking even though it is off. AAA battery is only used for powered palm rejection features, and the assistive shortcut button on the side.


3. Adonite Pixel
Although better known as stylus specifically for drawing, Adonit can produce the best stylus for notability app. It has a feature called Line Smoothing, where this stylus can specifically recognize the letter/word you are writing. The end part uses a point of 1.9mm. In addition, Adonit Pixel comes with two buttons on the side that you can set in default application from Adonit. For energy juice, it is connected to a magnetic connector, so you don’t have to bother plugged in and out.

In conclusion, although there are many types of stylus, you should choose one that feels comfortable at hand. That being said, all best stylus for notability app above has passed the comfort, functionality and sophistication tests.