The Best Solunar App for Your Fishing Activity

In fact, fishing is indeed a very fun activity, but sometimes we also need the best Solunar app to track the whereabouts of underwater fish. In the past, the ability to track the whereabouts of fish needed special tools. But now, only relying on smartphones and internet access, you can get complete data wherever you are. The following is a list of the best fish tracking apps that can enhance your fishing abilities. Let’s discuss further.

1. FishTrack
This application keeps its own potential for you. This is because, in this best Solunar app, there are various kinds of features and advantages that you can use in fishing, such as the weather forecast, water temperature, even water content that you want to make as fishing place. In addition, FishTrack can also provide guidelines regarding the area where you are fishing, like the fastest route and gathering area of ​​fish. With such complete features, FishTrack can be downloaded easily in Appstore or Playstore.

2. Fishing Points
Fishing Points can also be called your best fishing journal because in this application, you can record the fish you catch. It can also be pinpointed using Google Maps. In addition, there is a built-in Solunar calendar and weather forecast, so you can get ready before going fishing. If you want additional features, just go for the Pro version which allows you to put in some offline data regarding the nautical area and the availability of surrounding fish. Some people have considered that Fishing Points is easy to use and it’s the best fishing apps in 2017

3. iSolunar
For your information, iSolunar focuses more on weather conditions and moon movements, sun, and wave height forecasts than fishing apps in general. Even so, this best Solunar app does its job well. iSolunar is able to provide detailed information regarding the movement of moon that’s expected to have an impact on the tides. In addition, you can also pinpoint the built-in maps, which iSolunar will tell you when and the right conditions for fishing in that place through notifications. Unfortunately, this app is only for iPhone users.

Well, those are three weather detection applications that can be very useful for fishing enthusiasts. In addition, each application that is infused must have its advantages and disadvantages. Actually, it is not about what is the best Solunar app, but how do you use the app to get the maximum catch.