List of the Best Backup App for Unrooted Android

One of reasons why you need the best backup app for unrooted android is that you cannot immediately entrust your personal data to the processor or storage drive. At any time, you also need to do your personal backup. However, many people think that backing up personal data is a troublesome. Therefore, the following is a list of android backup applications that you can use without having to root.

1. Google Backup
Specifically designed for Android, there are built-in backup and restore features that you can access in the Settings section on your smartphone. The cool thing about this best backup app for unrooted android is that it can back up a lot of valuable data, from your info contact to your bookmark browser. This application is quite light, but requires a lot of data to upload your personal data to the cloud or your personal Google account. Therefore it is highly recommended to use Wi-Fi connection. If you want your data to be safer, you should schedule a backup once a week. Nevertheless, Google Backup is the best Android backup app without root.


2. Helium
Helium is an old player in terms of backup and restore. The advantage of Helium is its ability to restore backups in various devices. The basic version of this app is free, but if you want more features, you can try the pro version. Additional features are the ability to restore data from the cloud. With many advantages and uses of Helium, unfortunately the user interface seems less convenient for first-time users. But over time, you will get used to this best backup app for unrooted android.


3. Google Photos
In most cases, the most important data are photos and videos. Google understands the importance of file security, so it develops specific applications to backup both media. Google Photos is an all-rounder in terms of photo and video backups. It has gallery that can be accessed either through applications or websites. Moreover, Google Photos also runs automatically (if you set it like that) and it will back up when your connection is stable. That way, you no longer need to bother doing backups manually.

That is the list of backup application for Android. Now, you no longer need to worry about losing your personal file or valuable data because a wide selection of the best backup app for unrooted android is provided, just for you.