How to Make Invis Pots to Be Unseen for 3 Minutes in Minecraft

Some players of Minecraft may need the information of how to make invis pots. Invis pots or potion of invisibility is a useful potion in this game. By drinking this potion, your character will be invisible for some minutes. By being invisible, it will be easier to do things in the game. Unfortunately, some people do not know how to make this potion. Here are the complete steps to follow when you are also interested to make this potion.

There are many kinds of potions in Minecraft. The Potion of Invisibility is one of the most useful ones to have. However, it cannot be obtained easily. You have to make it and some people have failed. In this case, you will get the complete instructions of how to make Potion of Invisibility.


In the process of how to make invis pots, you will need some ingredients or materials. There are two main materials that you have to prepare. First is a fermented Spider Eye. Then, you will need the Potion of Night Vision. When you already get them, it is time to continue the steps.

Brewing process

Open your menu and access the Brewing stand. All of processes will be conducted in this part. After the brewing stand is opened, you will need blaze powder and put it on the left part. This powder is the key to ignite and activate the brewing. Without it, you cannot continue to the next process. Once the powder is placed, add Fermented Spider Eye on the top box and the Potion of Night Vision in one of the box on bottom.

Get and use the Potion of Invisibility

Once those materials are already placed in their position, brewing process will start. You will hear a sound signifying the process. After that, you will find the Fermented Spider Eye has disappeared and your bottle of Night Vision already becomes the Potion of Invisibility. Drink it to get the effect.

Actually, it is not difficult process to follow. However, you need to find the complete ingredients for it. Those two main ingredients and the blaze powder must be owned before making the potion. By doing this, you will get the potion, and its effect can last 3 minutes. When you need better potion, use the Potion of Invisibility that you have just obtained as ingredient. Later, you will get the better potion that last 8 minutes. However, it will need other steps of how to make invis pots.

Escape Room Games Unblocked to Break Your Boredom in Doing Job

The Escape Room games unblocked is good game to try when you are bored of doing activities and need such a short escape. This game is good option when you need fast access of game. The game is quite easy to access, but it will be fun enough to make you refreshed, so you are ready to work and continue your job again.

There are some points that make the game so recommended for you. This game has some features that are quite unique and beneficial. You will not regret to play the Escape the Room Games. Fun games are offered with some easy and fast access.


When you want to play the game, you do not need to download the app. You also do not need to install the app or game installer. What you need is just a browser to access the game. The escape room games unblocked is available in the browser. So far, it supports all kinds of browser, so you can always enjoy the game from any devices. Of course, it is great feature since you do not need to open special app and install it. Even, you can play the game while you are still in class. It makes the game a great alternative of short escape.

Less specification requirement

So far, the game can run even in the low-end PC. It means that you do not to have specification as found in most of the game. What the game demands is only Flash Player and it can be downloaded for free. Even, most of the browsers and PCs already have the app installed. Then, it will not need any additional extension.

Fun game

Although it has simple and easy access, it is more than enough to refresh your mind. You will get entertained by the game offered in your browser. It may be simple, but it still needs your logic and creativity t play the game. You can also play the game again and again when you are bored.

Those are some good points offered by the game. Surely, it is great game to play. You will be able to access the game easily and it can be opened as easy as opening a website. It will not bring heavy burden in your processing unit, so you still can do your activities and all apps still can run well. Surely, escape room games unblocked can become your great escape to get your mind refreshed.

Fable 2 Brightwood Demon Door and How to Access It

One of intriguing topic is way to open Fable 2 brightwood demon door. You might wonder about demon door and try to find a way to see on the other side. Until know, few tricks and tips are already revealed, but only lucky players can open it. How do they do such thing? Few hints are listed at the next section.


It is about keyword, and cheese is the most common one that player receives from dialogue box. Before going further, you need to know Fable 2 and how to play this game. It is role-playing gaming with action and adventure genre. Players act as character that will do many jobs, task, and quest. The game provides various jobs and interactive features to let player communicate each other. For example, you see dialogue box to do chatting. The game is in fictional world called Albion.

In order to play, you need to obtain map. It is guideline from town to town, area to area, even secret or hidden place. This is where you will find Demon Door. That’s not easy thing to find because players have so much task to complete. After roam to Demon Door area, you are finally in front of it. The next job is to access Fable 2 brightwood demon door as soon as possible. The door will show some words as riddle to accomplish. One of popular words is cheese that player should have or obtain. In general, it might not real cheese because such word is only metaphor. You need to look for the real meaning.


Solving riddle like Fable 2 brightwood demon door cheese is not enough because player has to get certain clothing. For example, the Door requests player to wear strumpet skirt, farmer’s hat, and posh shirt. Each item is available in different place and market. You leave Demon Door to get them and back again after the character is in fully clothed.

Next part is tricky because you need to answer more questions or response several words properly. One of common tips is to ask not to reveal more of your secret. That’s worth to try due to uncertainty situation. After you open this door, there is item that has high value.

Fable 2 is available only Xbox 360. It is first released in 2008 and gained popularity in many countries. Due to limited platform, you might not be able to play in other devices like console, PC, laptop, and smartphone. However, exclusive game brings exiting challenge to complete. That’s what Fable 2 brightwood demon door does.