The Best Solunar App for Your Fishing Activity

In fact, fishing is indeed a very fun activity, but sometimes we also need the best Solunar app to track the whereabouts of underwater fish. In the past, the ability to track the whereabouts of fish needed special tools. But now, only relying on smartphones and internet access, you can get complete data wherever you are. The following is a list of the best fish tracking apps that can enhance your fishing abilities. Let’s discuss further.

1. FishTrack
This application keeps its own potential for you. This is because, in this best Solunar app, there are various kinds of features and advantages that you can use in fishing, such as the weather forecast, water temperature, even water content that you want to make as fishing place. In addition, FishTrack can also provide guidelines regarding the area where you are fishing, like the fastest route and gathering area of ​​fish. With such complete features, FishTrack can be downloaded easily in Appstore or Playstore.

2. Fishing Points
Fishing Points can also be called your best fishing journal because in this application, you can record the fish you catch. It can also be pinpointed using Google Maps. In addition, there is a built-in Solunar calendar and weather forecast, so you can get ready before going fishing. If you want additional features, just go for the Pro version which allows you to put in some offline data regarding the nautical area and the availability of surrounding fish. Some people have considered that Fishing Points is easy to use and it’s the best fishing apps in 2017

3. iSolunar
For your information, iSolunar focuses more on weather conditions and moon movements, sun, and wave height forecasts than fishing apps in general. Even so, this best Solunar app does its job well. iSolunar is able to provide detailed information regarding the movement of moon that’s expected to have an impact on the tides. In addition, you can also pinpoint the built-in maps, which iSolunar will tell you when and the right conditions for fishing in that place through notifications. Unfortunately, this app is only for iPhone users.

Well, those are three weather detection applications that can be very useful for fishing enthusiasts. In addition, each application that is infused must have its advantages and disadvantages. Actually, it is not about what is the best Solunar app, but how do you use the app to get the maximum catch.

Best Softball Scorekeeping App for Your Smartphone

Best softball scorekeeping app helps to track the stats and record the favorite team and game. Softball is the top game in US. Sometimes, you do not have time to attend the match directly, but you want to know the score and related record. This is where the app comes in handy. Actually, there is official site and some sport-based websites that provide softball information. However, the app gives another feature to score your own game. At below, you find several useful apps for scoring softball.

1. Gamechanger Baseball Softball
When you need scoring app, Gamechanger Baseball Softball is the top choice of softball app for Android. You can install it in iPhone or Android smartphone. What are the features in this app? Firstly, users are capable to track down every score and stat. The information is available real time which is easy to follow in day-to-day basis. Furthermore, there is tracking for knowing the player stats, even his family information. You will be the true softball fans after having this app.

2. Turbostats Scorekeeper
Turbostats Scorekeeper is useful app to score and keep the data about softball. You might have the other apps for scoring and want to import data. This is not issue in Turbostats Scorekeeper because it’s capable to manage data from others. Besides, the information is real time and up to date. The scoring helps to follow your favorite team, match review, and result prediction. This app is only available in Play Store for Android users.

3. Iscore baseball
The next best softball scorekeeping app is Iscore baseball. For your information, this app is not only for baseball scoring, but also capable for softball game. Users will get features for creating their scoring board. As similar to other apps, the information and data are available real time, which is always updated every minute. You will know everything related to softball and baseball immediately. For Android user, this app is availabe at Play Store. For iOS or iPhone users, you should visit Apple Store to get this app.

Beside those three apps, there are several ones with similar function. You can visit MLB official and CBS sports. In addition, the other option is the app that’s integrated with online or streaming TV. You have a chance to track and create scoring board while enjoying softball match. This is another way to have the best softball scorekeeping app.

Best Keepass App for iPhone and the Features Offered

You can have the best keepass app for iPhone as the password protection. Before exploring more about it, you should understand what keepass and how it works. In simple term, this is software that’s available for computer in order to keep and manage its passwords. For smartphone or mobile device, there is unofficial version app with similar capability. Here are the choices for you.

1. Icloud Keychain
Apple developed system to manage password on Safari browser. Then, it’s expanded into iOS for iPhone and iPad. You can install it via Apple Store, but normally it has been in the system. This app is capable to store several passwords in single place. You just remember one password to open the restricted file. This app is integrated with iCloud as well. iPhone users may open the app in different device as long as they remember the key access.

2. Minikeepass
Keepass is open source to support mobile app developers in creating their own version for smartphone. One of top choices is Minikeepass with synchronization feature to keepass 1 and 2. It is capable to create, export, and edit the database in order to gain access from another device. You can use cloud feature to store files in Dropbox.

3. Dashlane
The simple interface and easy access are what you get from this best keepass app for iPhone. Dashlane has ability to store, manage, and create the system for password file. Moreover, you can have additional support to get access from cloud. If unauthorized breach is detected, you will know it immediately. Another feature is password generator to obtain unique and strong password.

4. Password Boss
Managing password is one of this app’s capabilities to stay secured from unwanted breach. Besides, the application will create unique password for accessing the website then it’s synchronized into other devices.

5. Msecure
The alternative to keepass for iPhone is Msecure. The basic feature is similar to the password management and protection apps. You can keep passwords and stay secure in any devices. Developer also gives app capability to recognize Touch ID, Apple Watch, and Face ID. You can use the recent iOS version to synchronize it.

Each app above has the similarity and difference. As long as iPhone and all passwords are secured, there is no problem for choosing one of them. Therefore, the best keepass app for iPhone will reduce the time when you need password in urgent time.

Here are the 7 Best Knife-Selling Apps for Chef’s

You can have high quality tool from one of 7 best knife-selling apps for chef’s recommended by Knife Sharpener Stone. As we know, knife is important for chef in order to prepare the food ingredients. In fact, low quality knife tends to get dull easily that ruins the whole food processing. If you want the top grade knife, some apps below are recommended to have on your smartphone.


1. Microtech Knives
You can have vast collection of knives for any purpose, such as wood carving, combat, outdoor cutting, food preparation, cooking, etc. This app is a part of company method to attract more customers for buying high quality knife. If you need specific blade, ask for the customized mode.


2. Budk Knives
Knife is easy to find at local stores, but this app provides more than regular one. Chefs need high quality and top grade tool to accomplish their jobs. That’s where Budk Knives becomes the top choice.


3. The Knife warehouse
From its name, you know what The Knife Warehouse provides for customers. The products include knife, sword, karambits, and machetes. You will find several brands to give more options. As the top 7 best knife-selling apps for chef’s, this is what knife enthusiasts should have in their smartphone.


4. S&R Knives
Developer of this app is a company that has been in knife and cutlery business since long time ago. Customer can have any chef knife for cooking and cutting ingredients. Besides, there are also non-knife products, such as swords with various designs.


5. Xxcutlery
If you need custom-made knife, xxcutlery is what you should visit. This app is different from other as it provides custom order for knife product. You can have unique, high quality, and top durability products.


6. Amazon
Amazon is where everyone goes to get many things, including knife. In this app, you see vast and various knife from basic to the rare one. Use search tool to find what you looking for. There is a chance to find the pocket knives for sale.


7. EBay
Another way to get chef knife is eBay. It is marketplace for many products. You will find brand new or secondhand knife from seller around the world. Moreover, there are rare items that only available on eBay.

All apps above are available mostly for Android user. You do not have to visit the store directly. Therefore, the 7 best knife-selling apps for chef’s give everything from standard to custom products.

The Best Shogi App for Android Users

The best shogi app is what you need to enjoy Japanese chess on gadget. As long as your phone is Android-based, the next list will show the top Shogi apps. In general, playing Shogi is different from regular chess. Japanese Chess has specific rules that need to be followed in order to win the game. As you know, it is board game that existed since 15th century. Today, modern Shogi is a little bit less complicated, but still requires basic understanding. With mobile app, you can enjoy learning and playing it anytime.

1. Shogi Free
Shogi Free is popular app for this genre. Developer gives many features, such as level, online mode, and others. At first, you need to install it directly from Playstore. You will find the options as beginner if you do not have clue about shogi. Do not worry about that matter because there is tutorial and instruction, including the vast strategy to learn. After you are quite good, take challenge to invite or participate in online mode. Then, you can play with other players around the world.


2. Shogi wars
Basic Shogi appearance looks like chess with board and its set. However, you may consider Shogi Wars as the best Shogi app. One reason to choose it is the attractive graphic as similar to battle between players and their opponent. It also has feature to play by time limit. You need to finish it before the time is running out and losing the session. Guidelines and instruction will help players for the strategy.


3. Dr. Shogi

‘Shogi’ means general in Japanese language. The main objective is to capture enemy general and defend home territorial. Another good app for playing Shogi is Dr. Shogi. If you just want a simple and light app, this is what you should choose. It takes less memory, but contains enough Shogi set.


4. Kanazawa Shogi Lite
Kanazawa Shogi Lite is one of the best apps for Shogi games. It has 50 levels from beginner the the top expert. You can play it offline without internet connection. Win the medal by beating computer and other players around the world. Do not worry if you cannot understand Japan letter and language as tame is also available in English.

Well, you can have the apps with impressive and attractive graphic, features, and many levels. On the other side, there is the best Shogi app that’s simple but enjoyable and less memory consumption.

Top 3 of the Best Stylus for Notability App

A few years back, it is rarely found the best stylus for notability app that works independently. Most styluses that can be used for note-taking usually come bundled with certain handhelds. Therefore, here are the secret gems of stylus for note-taking.

1. Bamboo Fineline 2
Working using Bluetooth, Bamboo Fineline 2 is able to produce stable and fast connectivity. With a stylus tip of just 1.9mm makes Bamboo Fineline 2 tends to be more precise in producing strong scratches. In addition, this best stylus for notability app also has a pressure sensitivity setting, so you can get various types of scratches based on how strongly you press the stylus. This technology is adapted from Apple’s 3D touch. Therefore, you can feel a different note-taking and doodling sensation than usual. Bamboo Fineline 2 comes with a protective cap, so the tip of pencil will not be easily damaged.


2. Pogo Connect 2
There are two things that make Pogo Connect 2 special. The first is palm rejection feature, where you can easily lean your palm over the surface of screen while typing. The second is this stylus is powered by AAA battery, so you can bring the charging cable wherever you go. The palm rejection feature feels very special, because a lot of stylus requires you to lift palms so as not to damage the notes that have been made. In addition, Pogo connect 2 also has soft pointy rubber that can produce thick and strong lines. Since the material is made of rubber, you can use this best stylus for note-taking even though it is off. AAA battery is only used for powered palm rejection features, and the assistive shortcut button on the side.


3. Adonite Pixel
Although better known as stylus specifically for drawing, Adonit can produce the best stylus for notability app. It has a feature called Line Smoothing, where this stylus can specifically recognize the letter/word you are writing. The end part uses a point of 1.9mm. In addition, Adonit Pixel comes with two buttons on the side that you can set in default application from Adonit. For energy juice, it is connected to a magnetic connector, so you don’t have to bother plugged in and out.

In conclusion, although there are many types of stylus, you should choose one that feels comfortable at hand. That being said, all best stylus for notability app above has passed the comfort, functionality and sophistication tests.

List of the Best Backup App for Unrooted Android

One of reasons why you need the best backup app for unrooted android is that you cannot immediately entrust your personal data to the processor or storage drive. At any time, you also need to do your personal backup. However, many people think that backing up personal data is a troublesome. Therefore, the following is a list of android backup applications that you can use without having to root.

1. Google Backup
Specifically designed for Android, there are built-in backup and restore features that you can access in the Settings section on your smartphone. The cool thing about this best backup app for unrooted android is that it can back up a lot of valuable data, from your info contact to your bookmark browser. This application is quite light, but requires a lot of data to upload your personal data to the cloud or your personal Google account. Therefore it is highly recommended to use Wi-Fi connection. If you want your data to be safer, you should schedule a backup once a week. Nevertheless, Google Backup is the best Android backup app without root.


2. Helium
Helium is an old player in terms of backup and restore. The advantage of Helium is its ability to restore backups in various devices. The basic version of this app is free, but if you want more features, you can try the pro version. Additional features are the ability to restore data from the cloud. With many advantages and uses of Helium, unfortunately the user interface seems less convenient for first-time users. But over time, you will get used to this best backup app for unrooted android.


3. Google Photos
In most cases, the most important data are photos and videos. Google understands the importance of file security, so it develops specific applications to backup both media. Google Photos is an all-rounder in terms of photo and video backups. It has gallery that can be accessed either through applications or websites. Moreover, Google Photos also runs automatically (if you set it like that) and it will back up when your connection is stable. That way, you no longer need to bother doing backups manually.

That is the list of backup application for Android. Now, you no longer need to worry about losing your personal file or valuable data because a wide selection of the best backup app for unrooted android is provided, just for you.

Food Recipe Intolerance Diary App for You Who Have Food Allergy

You must never think before that there is a food recipe intolerance diary app. As you know, people who have allergy are suggested to avoid food that trigger the allergy. Therefore, it is best to see a doctor first if you indicate yourself to have an allergy. In fact, you will not find one app only in the internet. It is highly recommended to know what foods you cannot eat. As you might know, a small bite of foods can cause severe itching. In order to help you avoiding the allergy, here are the apps which are specially created for that matter according to Tourne Cooking site.

1. Wizdy Diner
The app is available in both iOS and Android, and it is free to download. This is a fun game that you will like definitely. It teaches you related to the food allergy. The characters in this app are Wizdy and Aliens. Wizdy must help the Aliens to eat and also avoid foods the Aliens cannot eat. It needs a good memory to get the correct answer.


2. Allergy Reality
The allergy reality app educates people related to the food allergies. An interactive way is brought to this app, so adults and also children can enjoy using this app. Well, it is made by two mothers who have children that suffer from allergy.


3. Yummly
This app provides people to helpful videos, recipe recommendations and also handy tools. The information that will be given to you is based on the foods you can eat. It is able to branch out the food using this app.


4. ShopWell
The next option for food recipe intolerance diary app is Shop Well. It enables you to eat healthier and smarter. This app is like other social media that needs you to create a profile. Using this app means you have already known what food that make you allergy. In fact, it is easy to use since you only need to mention what food you have to avoid. In no time, it will give information regarding the food you are buying in the supermarket.

Well, those four apps are only few names that can be mentioned to you. Actually, there is still a long list of the choices if you are willing to look up on the internet. That’s all that can be shared here. Hope you can use food recipe intolerance diary app wisely to help your life.

Best Mpoints Apps 2018 as Your References

There are surely many options for the best mpoints apps. You are able to choose any app that you like. Before going further, do you know mPoints? mPoints can be found in various apps in both iOS and Android. If you are the Android user, you do not need to be sad if the number of mPoints apps is not that many compared to the apps in iOS. Well, in order to help you earning gift cards, you better know what apps which can be such a useful app. Furthermore, the explanation of each app is given below.

1. Moviefone
This app is such a favorite for movie lovers. You can see information related to the movies. It provides review, movie tickets, theatre information, and local show times. As mentioned before, you will be able to earn gift cards from this app. Although it is established in 1989, the app is still quite famous among the movie lovers.


2. Daily puppy
Daily puppy comes next after Movietone. As seen from its name, it provides things which are related to the puppies. It enables you to see many puppy pictures. However, you will not only get pictures, but you are also able to access forums, videos, blogs, and many more.


3. Hangman
Who does not know this game anyway? Hangman is a well-known app that enriches the vocabulary mastery. You should be able to answer the right vocabulary to save the man in the game. Do not be afraid that you cannot answer because a hint in form of few letters will be given. The app is always renewed to cope with the changes. In addition, you will find mPoints by using this app.


4. Office zombie
Office zombie is one of the best mPoints apps you can have in your gadget. The creator of this app is similar to the one who creates Office Jerk. If you want an interesting and entertaining app, this one can be an option.

Besides the apps that were looked for by many people, how to redeem mPoints is also asked. In fact, the ways to do this one are not same for all apps. Achievements create points in the mPoints. So, try to have as many achievements as possible. If you want to redeem points, simply click on “store” button in the beginning part of movie. You can still take a look at the other best mPoints apps to earn many points.

Best Snapsave App to Keep Stories Secretively and Safely

Well, Snapchat becomes popular app, and the best snapsave app will help you to save your stories. For your information, all stories like videos and photos in Snapchat cannot be saved automatically. Therefore, you might try using screen capture mode. That is why Snapsave app comes in handy in that situation. You may want to keep what your friends have been shared without requesting. In below list, you will find few apps that considered capable to keep Snapchat content directly on internal storage.

1. Mirrorgo Android Recorder

Snapchat will send notification to sender that the stories or pics have been recorded using screenshot mode. This is not convenient because users want to save it secretively. One of apps to overcome this issue is Mirrorgo Android Recorder. Several benefits from this app are compatible with Android device, do not need to quit Snapchat, and capable to mirrored into another screen. However, this app is only available for Android.


2. Snapsave
When discussing about the best snapsave app, everyone cannot ignore snapsave itself. It is the oldest and pioneer as third party app for saving Snapchat content. This app is very practical to keep stories without being noticed. Moreover, the app is available for iOS and Android users. To install it, you should use third party website via snapsave apk.


3. Casper
One of popular apps for saving Snapchat story is Casper. Its interface and features are similar to Snapchat. The developer provides features to add stickers and filters then integrate them into Snapchat account. Just be careful as this app is not official partner of Snapchat. However, the app will work on Android and iOS devices.


4. Snapbox
Another old app is Snapbox with simple interface, but very handy to save Snapchat content. You need to log out before using it. This app is free and available for any devices. You can install it on Android or iPhone directly. Unfortunately, your Snapchat account might be in risk if you are compromised for using it. But, Snapbox is worth to try as alternative to keep the video from Snapchat.

Beside the apps above, you can try the others with similar function. They are Snapcrack, saver for snapchat, and Snapkeep. All of them have one purpose to keep content from Snapchat secretively. Be careful when installing it because most apps are available in apk mode. That is what you should know about the best snapsave app.