How to Make Invis Pots to Be Unseen for 3 Minutes in Minecraft

Some players of Minecraft may need the information of how to make invis pots. Invis pots or potion of invisibility is a useful potion in this game. By drinking this potion, your character will be invisible for some minutes. By being invisible, it will be easier to do things in the game. Unfortunately, some people do not know how to make this potion. Here are the complete steps to follow when you are also interested to make this potion.

There are many kinds of potions in Minecraft. The Potion of Invisibility is one of the most useful ones to have. However, it cannot be obtained easily. You have to make it and some people have failed. In this case, you will get the complete instructions of how to make Potion of Invisibility.


In the process of how to make invis pots, you will need some ingredients or materials. There are two main materials that you have to prepare. First is a fermented Spider Eye. Then, you will need the Potion of Night Vision. When you already get them, it is time to continue the steps.

Brewing process

Open your menu and access the Brewing stand. All of processes will be conducted in this part. After the brewing stand is opened, you will need blaze powder and put it on the left part. This powder is the key to ignite and activate the brewing. Without it, you cannot continue to the next process. Once the powder is placed, add Fermented Spider Eye on the top box and the Potion of Night Vision in one of the box on bottom.

Get and use the Potion of Invisibility

Once those materials are already placed in their position, brewing process will start. You will hear a sound signifying the process. After that, you will find the Fermented Spider Eye has disappeared and your bottle of Night Vision already becomes the Potion of Invisibility. Drink it to get the effect.

Actually, it is not difficult process to follow. However, you need to find the complete ingredients for it. Those two main ingredients and the blaze powder must be owned before making the potion. By doing this, you will get the potion, and its effect can last 3 minutes. When you need better potion, use the Potion of Invisibility that you have just obtained as ingredient. Later, you will get the better potion that last 8 minutes. However, it will need other steps of how to make invis pots.