Low Phosphorus Cat Food for Prolong Healthy Level in Cat

Cat with kidney failure needs low phosphorus cat food. Kidney is the key organ in mammals, such as cat, dog, even human. It is like cleaner and filter to dissolve blood. Any unwanted compound will be put in kidney then transformed into urine tract. The problem appears when kidney cannot work as used to be. The cat with such condition requires delicate treatment, including the food. More phosphorus and sodium increase kidney work. The result is complete failure in less than month. In order to prevent such situation, some foods are very reliable to consume due to low phosphorus level.

  1. Fresh meat and eggs

Petsepark says, cat owner needs to know where to feed properly when kidney issue starts to emerge in cat. In general, cat still has nature instinct to catch prey. Even though it is rare to see in modern life, you cannot ignore such matter. In nature, fresh meat is what cat likes where can be detected from temperature. Fresh meat contains low phosphor and high protein. You can give any meat, but make sure to be freshly chopped, not frozen product. As alternative, egg is good for cat due to protein level and low mineral, including less phosphorus and sodium.

  1. Vegetables and fruits

The next list for low phosphorus cat food is vegetable and fruits. Cat is carnivore and vegetable is not their food preference. However, modern cat seems to adapt with new lifestyle based on what cat owner eat. Fruits and vegetables are reliable foods to keep the cat in healthy level. Both are less phosphor, but you only give them as additional food. You can combine apple or broccoli into cat menu alongside the fresh meat. Generally, cat will reject this kind of food, but you blend them with the same scene. As the result, fresh and healthy vegetables help to resume cat kidney in proper level.

  1. Canned food

If you have a doubt regarding low phosphorus in cat food, canned product is easy choice. Many cat foods use various ingredients that contain mineral, protein, and other nutrients. You can check the phosphor level to make sure everything is in balance. If the food does not provide such information, you cannot take a risk to purchase, and give to the cat. Read and buy only the trustful product.

Kidney issue in cat becomes common issue due to lack of food control. If you give them more mineral and protein, this problem becomes irreversible. Preventive measure is good thing before you rely on low phosphorus cat food.

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