The Best Cat Litter for Odor Control with Reliable Compounds

Distinct smell in cat box will go away after you add the best cat litter for odor control. Cat lovers understand that their pet is clean animal. In fact, the cat spends much time just to keep the fur in bright and smooth texture. Unfortunately, litter issue about the horrible smell is different story. After cleaning, you can still smell the odor from litter box. To handle this situation, odor control compound is reliable and suitable solution. Below list will show some compounds for odor control.

Clumping clay

Clumping clay has been the top choice for less odor litter. It has capable to absorb any odor that cats have left after their thing is done. You can purchase it easily at cat or pet store. The product might be in raw material or with particular brand. You only need to check clumping clay composition then make sure that it is the majority one.


Silica is good option when you need something to cover harsh odor in litter box. You can use the best litter for smelly poop. It might be standalone compound, or you can combine with others such as sand and clumping clay. This kind of litter uses gel and plastic to create synthetic texture. Moreover, you can dissolve easily without leaving any train inside box.

Natural litter

For the best cat litter for odor control, natural litter is better option. You can add compound, such as pine, corn, and wheat. In nature, cat will try to find the closed area with sharp scent. It helps to mask their odor completely.

Pet store provides product from various brands with branding as odorless litter. That’s easy way to get your thing for cat. Manufacturers have formula to combine and blend one ingredient with others. As the result, you get the excellent odor control litter perfectly.

Adding this product and compound is not enough. Cat owners need to do something as preventive and direct treatment solution. Odor in cat litter is natural thing, but you will feel comfortable when the scent is very strong. This situation happens because the cat eats certain foods that affect their digestive system. If the food is not properly digested, the result is not convenient for cat itself. That’s why you should only give trustworthy food from reliable vendor or brand.

Cleaning the litter box regularly will help to soothe the odor level. One good idea is baking soda that helps to dissolve any stain and stench, including bacteria. You can rely on this method after adding the best cat litter for odor control.

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