The 20 Best Home Design and Decorating Apps for iOS and Android

The 20 best home design and decorating apps provide everything you need to change the room decoration. You may think that decorating and designing project is not your expertise. Therefore, to have new design, many people rely on professional designer that surely take much cost.

However, it does not mean homeowners cannot contribute to create the design on their own. Today, decorating apps will answer that issue with interesting features. Plenty of apps are available for iOS and Android users. The top and best options are listed below.

  1. Chairish
  2. Decaso
  3. Hutch
  4. Color911
  5. Morpholio Board Pro
  6. Paper by Fifty Three
  7. Macigplan
  8. Photo Measure
  9. Zillow Digs
  10. Rooomy
  11. IKEA Place
  13. Brighttnest
  14. Housepad
  15. Ihandy Carpenter
  16. Houzz app
  17. Havenly
  18. My Pantone
  19. Wikihow
  20. Sun Seeker

Which one is at the top choice in the 20 best home design and decorating apps? That’s tough question because each app contains various features and capabilities. In general, they are divided into categories, such as shopping, color, furniture arrangement, room modeling, lighting adjustment, and measurement.

The colors apps have features to combine, mix, blend, and integrate various colors in the same room. You will know whether this combination looks good or bad in room decoration. The color palette consists of complete color spectrum to capture particular tone. You just use the camera to take photo of specific object then see what the color is. After that, the app will provide color recommendation related to that result. Some applications take pictures of some of my favorite decoration sites like Houzz, Designestyle, Freshome, etc.

Furniture arrangement, room modeling, and measurement are the most important features in decorating apps. This measurement will handle how large your room or certain stuff without doing manual labor. Well, the furniture adjustment obtains data from measurement then gives suggesting how large furniture should be. With measurement, you know how much the space that’s available in room. The furniture has to be adjusted in that space in order to arrange it properly. Lastly, the room modeling predicts estimation result about room situation if the complete decorating is done.

The majority of app in the list above is room design app free without charge. The application also has feature for shopping. You don’t need to worry if you want to purchase certain things for new room. Besides, you can have information related to tools or utensils for redesigning the room. Those are what you get from the 20 best home design and decorating apps.

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