Best Snapsave App to Keep Stories Secretively and Safely

Well, Snapchat becomes popular app, and the best snapsave app will help you to save your stories. For your information, all stories like videos and photos in Snapchat cannot be saved automatically. Therefore, you might try using screen capture mode. That is why Snapsave app comes in handy in that situation. You may want to keep what your friends have been shared without requesting. In below list, you will find few apps that considered capable to keep Snapchat content directly on internal storage.

1. Mirrorgo Android Recorder

Snapchat will send notification to sender that the stories or pics have been recorded using screenshot mode. This is not convenient because users want to save it secretively. One of apps to overcome this issue is Mirrorgo Android Recorder. Several benefits from this app are compatible with Android device, do not need to quit Snapchat, and capable to mirrored into another screen. However, this app is only available for Android.


2. Snapsave
When discussing about the best snapsave app, everyone cannot ignore snapsave itself. It is the oldest and pioneer as third party app for saving Snapchat content. This app is very practical to keep stories without being noticed. Moreover, the app is available for iOS and Android users. To install it, you should use third party website via snapsave apk.


3. Casper
One of popular apps for saving Snapchat story is Casper. Its interface and features are similar to Snapchat. The developer provides features to add stickers and filters then integrate them into Snapchat account. Just be careful as this app is not official partner of Snapchat. However, the app will work on Android and iOS devices.


4. Snapbox
Another old app is Snapbox with simple interface, but very handy to save Snapchat content. You need to log out before using it. This app is free and available for any devices. You can install it on Android or iPhone directly. Unfortunately, your Snapchat account might be in risk if you are compromised for using it. But, Snapbox is worth to try as alternative to keep the video from Snapchat.

Beside the apps above, you can try the others with similar function. They are Snapcrack, saver for snapchat, and Snapkeep. All of them have one purpose to keep content from Snapchat secretively. Be careful when installing it because most apps are available in apk mode. That is what you should know about the best snapsave app.

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